Future with tradition.

Every success has a history

The Thermit reaction was discovered in 1893 by Prof. Hans Goldschmidt, a German chemist, and patented in 1895. In 1899 the first commercial application of Thermit was the welding of Tram tracks in Essen, Germany. Aluminothermic welding has made pioneered the installation of continuous welded rails by uniformly uniting the railway track ends and is the fastest method of joining large pieces of steel. It is essentially a “portable foundry” and can be used in any location. Thermitrex (Pty) Ltd in Boksburg East, Gauteng, RSA was established in 1971. It is a member of Goldschmidt-Thermit Group a multinational company with 23 subsidiaries located worldwide and its headquarters are located in Leipzig, Germany. Thermitrex has a foundry located on the company premises, which manufactures ferro-alloys that is used as a raw material in the Aluminothermic mixture. The ferro-alloys are exported to sister companies worldwide.

Business Development


Theodor Goldschmidt establishes the "Chemische Fabrik Th. Goldschmidt" in Berlin, Germany.


The company founder Theodor Goldschmidt passes away.


After receiving his PhD in chemistry Karl Goldschmidt takes on sole management responsibility for the time being of the Chemische Fabrik Th. Goldschmidt company.


For about 30 years the brothers Karl and Hans Goldschmidt share responsibility for the company – Karl Goldschmidt as entrepreneur and politician with a social conscience and Hans Goldschmidt as a chemist who promotes technical development.


Relocation of the “Chemische Fabrik Th. Goldschmidt” to Essen, Germany.


Implementation of a company health insurance fund.


Implementation of a staff pension fund.


The "Allgemeine Thermit-Gesellschaft" company is founded to market the thermite process.
Registration of the THERMIT® trademark.

Product Development


The imperial patent no. 96317 marks the start of a real success story. Prof. Hans Goldschmidt develops the aluminothermic process – the basis for the Thermit® process for the continuous welding of railway tracks.


Goldschmidt is awarded the first patent in the area of track welding with patent DRP 116400 for aluminothermic butt welding.
The first track welds with Thermit® are made for the Essen tramways.

Business Development


The “Allgemeine Thermit-Gesellschaft” company has its own generous exhibition pavilion at the famous Düsseldorf industrial and commercial exhibition. The company receives a gold medal for the aluminothermic process.


Foundation of Thermit Ltd. in London, Great Britain and Goldschmidt Thermit Co. in New York, USA.


Société Anonyme de l‘Aluminothermit founded in Paris, France, with C. Delachaux as the first managing director.
In Jersey City, USA, Goldschmidt Thermit Co. sets up a factory to produce welding materials.


Australian Thermit Co. founded in Sydney, Australia.


The Chemische Fabrik Th. Goldschmidt becomes a joint stock company (AG).

Product Development


The first track welds with Thermit® are made on the Hungarian state railway in Budapest. These represent the first known welds carried out on railway tracks.


In Tokyo, Japan grooved rails used for trams are welded with the Thermit® process.


On the Seetalbahn tramway in Switzerland, a longer section of track with a length of about 1,000 m is welded for the first time. The welds prove a success and even in 1924 the welds still show no signs of wear.

Business Development


After the end of World War I, all of the companies abroad are lost.


Elektro-Thermit GmbH founded in Berlin, Germany.


Elektro Thermit GmbH is now completely owned by the Th. Goldschmidt AG company and the company is now based in the Colditzstraße in Berlin-Tempelhof.
The Chemische Fabrik Buckau AG company is acquired and through this also the plant in Halle Ammendorf, Germany.


Theo Goldschmidt takes over the position of Chairman of the Board of the Goldschmidt AG from his father Karl Goldschmidt.


Establishment of switch construction by Elektro Thermit GmbH, which ended in 1989.


Th. Goldschmidt AG acquires an interest in Elektro-Schweißwerk Ing. P.C. Wagner in Vienna to make the first Thermit foreign investment after World War I.

Product Development


The Deutsche Reichsbahn approves the Thermit® welding process as a standard welding process for track.


In Argentina the Roca railway line is the first railway in South America where railway track is welded using the Thermit® welding process.

Business Development


The Thermit facility in Essen is mainly destroyed in a bombing raid. To compensate for this in November of the year a new Thermit production facility is opened in Halle Ammendorf, Germany.


The plant at Halle Ammendorf in the Soviet occupied area of Germany is impounded by the authorities along with all of its Thermit production.


The Elektro-Thermit GmbH company is founded in Essen, West Germany. The existing Elektro-Thermit GmbH company in Berlin from now on concentrates exclusively on switch production and the business of rail welding in Berlin.


The Goldschmidt AG acquires an interest in Thermit Italiana in Milan, Italy.
The Thermit process is used for the first time in Brazil within the scope of a license contract with Monas Ltda in Rio de Janeiro.

Product Development


From 1945 the Thermit® welding process becomes the standard welding process for the tracks of nearly all railway organizations worldwide.

Business Development


Goldschmidt AG participates in the founding of Thermit do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro and India Thermit Corp., India.


A subsidiary of Elektro-Thermit GmbH is founded in in Vienna, Austria.


The Elektro Thermit GmbH exhibits at the groundbreaking trade fair "Rail and road" in Munich.
E.T. Argentina is founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Thermit Welding founded in Rainham, United Kingdom.

Product Development


Patent for the ELLIRA® welding repair process.


Patent for the SmW fast Thermit® welding process.


The fast Thermit® welding process SmW becomes the standard welding process on the German railways.

Business Development


Full acquisition of E.T. Argentina.
Merger of P.C. Wagner KG and branch office of Elektro-Thermit GmbH to become P.C. Wagner Elektrothermit Schweißgesellschaft, Vienna, Austria.


Orgotherm Inc. founded in Chicago, USA.


After reacquisition of the Thermit brand rights in the USA and the acquisition of Thermex Metallurgical Inc. including all existing production locations, US Thermit Inc. is founded in Lakehurst, USA. For the time being Orgotherm Inc. remains independent.


Acquisition of Thermitrex in Johannesburg, South Africa by Thermit Welding.


The separate Thermit companies in Essen and Berlin are given a single management.

Product Development


Since 1945 approximately 19,900 km of rails have been joined using aluminothermic welding around the world.


Introduction of the SoW welding process.


Patent issued for the MT insulated joints. In the same year the hydraulic weld trimmer is introduced.


Patent for the SkV welding process and ETEKA5® welding repair process.


The SkV welding process becomes the standard welding process with the Deutsche Bundesbahn and many other railway organizations worldwide.


Patent of the RIFLEX® welding repair process.

Business Development


In January, after a construction process of 18 months, the completely renovated production facility at Lakehurst starts operation.


Complete takeover of Orgotherm Inc.
In Brazil a new Thermit production facility starts operation.


Orgotherm Inc. merges with US Thermit Inc. to become Orgo-Thermit Inc.


Thermit Australia founded.
Thermit Australia acquires the existing Thermit business of Steel Mains Ltd. which goes back to the Goldschmidt company founded in Australia in 1909.

Product Development


Introduction of the ATS-ER automatic tapping thimble.

Business Development


Complete acquisition of the Thermit Italiana and Thermit Welding.
OSG Oberbau Schweißgesellschaft (OSG) founded in Halle/Saale, Germany which on January 1, 1991 takes over and continues the existing Amotherm operations of the former VEB Plastwerke starting with 56 employees.


Complete takeover of Thermit do Brasil.


Form-Thermit founded in Brno, Czech Republic as a subsidiary of P.C. Wagner.


MÀV-Thermit founded in Budapest, Hungary as a subsidiary of P.C. Wagner.
Sale of E.T. Argentina to the Oppizzi family.
Acquisition of Railway Maintenance Services by Thermit Australia.


The plant in Halle is enlarged to 50,000 m² through the purchase of 20,000 m².
Elektro-Thermit Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH (ETDL) founded in Essen, Germany.


Winding up of the OSG company with assets transferred to Elektro Thermit GmbH.


Separation of all Thermit companies in Germany and abroad from the Goldschmidt AG and takeover by the assets management company "Erben Dr. Karl Goldschmidt GmbH, Essen (VVG).

Product Development


Patent for the single use crucible.


Patent for the High Performance Weld (HPW).

Business Development


Acquisition of the Elaugen Group with locations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Belgium.


Thermit GmbH founded as Finance and Management Holding of the Goldschmidt Thermit Group
RO-Thermit founded in Rumania as a subsidiary of MÁV-Thermit.


Thermit China Co. Ltd. founded as a subsidiary of Goldschmidt Thermit GmbH.
Relocation of the head office of Goldschmidt Thermit GmbH from Essen, Germany to Leipzig, Germany


Relocation of Elektro-Thermit GmbH & Co. KG to Halle/Saale, Germany and start of the new Thermit production in Halle/Saale, Germany.


Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice GmbH founded from ETDL and Elaugen Essen, Germany
Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice (Österreich) Ges. m.b.H founded in Austria from P.C. Wagner Elektro-Thermit and Elaugen in Vienna

Product Development


SoW-5 welding process approval acc.to EN 14730-1.
Introduction of different measuring devices such as RAILSCAN, RAILSTRAIGHTS, TRACKSCAN and temperature measuring devices.


Introduction of different measuring services such asstress free temperature measurement and geometrical measuring services.


Homologation of SkV-Elite welding process acc. to EN 14730-1.
Stress-free temperature acceptance inspection with the RAILSCAN measuring device on the French TGV high-speed line "LGV Est européenne" before opening of the line and the TGV speed record.


Long-term rail stress measurements up to 2009 using DMS technology in the Citytunnel Leipzig, Germany.

Business Development


Goldschmidt-Thermit Japan Co., Ltd. founded in Japan.


OOO GT-ATS founded in Russia.


Acquisition of PortaCo, Inc., Moorhead, Minnesota, USA.


New construction of the molding shop of Elektro-Thermit GmbH & Co. KG in Halle/Saale, Germany.
Technology Innovation Center founded in Leipzig, Germany.

Product Development


Homologation of SkV-Elite L25 welding process acc. to EN 14730-1.
First measurement of the Eurotunnel with the RAILSCAN measuring device.
Delivery of components for the Thermit welding process with the Gautrain line extension for the soccer world cup in South Africa.


Measurement of approx. 1,000 track kilometers of the high-speed line of the Turkish railways TCDD with the RAILSCAN measuring device.


Approval/release for users for RAILSTRAIGHT measuring devices with the German railways, DB Netz AG.


Supply of components for the Thermit welding process and training and support for welding specialists with the Marmaray historic tunnel project in Istanbul, Turkey where the railway networks of Asia and Europe were connected.
Supply of weld-tempered rails, welding consumables and training for welding specialists for the new Ring Line tram system in Doha Education City, Qatar.
Execution of Thermit welds for the extension of the railway network for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sotschi, Russia.


Introduction of the RAILSTRAIGHT APP.
Introduction of the SMARTWELD SPARK.
Introduction of the Goldschmidt Tools.